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Kaori's Realm

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  • harisukaori@livejournal.com
Student, 23, aspiring writer, dreamer, language geek, translator for S'ub en Ciel.

I love Japan and most things Japanese, a good book and hanging out with friends.
My fandoms:
Jrock (Dir en Grey, the Gazette, Miyavi, L'arc en Ciel, Gackt, LM.C),
Kpop (TVXQ - Homin, Super Junior, Big Bang)
I flirt with Jpop.
I stan like crazy Sungmin from SuJu and Yunho from TVXQ. I'm also a little bit in love with Seungri from Big Bang.
I ship and slash pretty boys and find yaoi pairings everywhere I go. My current OTPs: Kyumin, Homin (toppy Changmin ^^), G-Ri, Topri, Destiel.

[Sup3rJunior] [ContinueTVXQ] [S'ub en Ciel]

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